InAppJSTemplateInApp JS BoilerplateIndrajith K L6 years Plugin is an unofficial plugin for VSCode of by ActiveState. kop...Indrajith K L3 years
LeaderboardTestHaxeFlixel Online Leaderboard IntegrationIndrajith K L20 months
SensorClientXMPPXMPP IOT - IEEE P1451.99 Sample Sensor Client ImplementationIndrajith K L2 years
YEADYour Enemy is in Another Dungeon Source Code (Rewrite of Abandoned YEAD Love2D v...Indrajith K L14 months
YEAD-haxeYEAD-haxe ImplementationIndrajith K L14 months
bookmark-managerChrome Extension to Manage BookmarksIndrajith K L3 years
cli-tools-windowsCLI ToolsIndrajith K L6 months
dialog-starterA starter kit for developing Interactive Fiction using Dialog languageIndrajith K L12 months
dungeon-clientAn Multiplayer Game written in HaxeFlixelIndrajith K L3 years
es6-backboneES6-backboneIndrajith K L5 years
es6-backboneES6-backboneIndrajith K L5 years
experimentsofindrajithPersonal Blog - My ExperimentsIndrajith K L14 months
gamedevjs-jamUntitled Entry for Gamedev.js 2022 JamIndrajith K L13 months
indrajith-devStatic Website for my personal blogIndrajith K L8 weeks
js13kgames-templateA barebone template aimed for js13kgamesIndrajith K L19 months
lul-botLULBOT - A Discord Bot written for your serverIndrajith K L19 months
package-analyzerAnalyze NPM Package JSON and fetch package details.Indrajith K L3 weeks
radio-botA Discord Radio bot written for your server which plays radioIndrajith K L23 months
react-redux-saga-starterReact Redux-Saga TemplateIndrajith K L3 years
rebirth-wrenA small game written in Wren+DomeEngine [ABANDONED]Indrajith K L22 months
retrowave-music-player-kodiA Music Player addon written for Kodi/XBMC TV Streaming SoftwareIndrajith K L24 months
retrowave-playerMinimalist Retrowave music player for the web (frontend only).Indrajith K L4 months
svelte-appA modified version of sveltejs/templateIndrajith K L16 months
v-cowinCOWIN Vaccine Availability Checker in V-LangIndrajith K L22 months
vanilla-yo-notificationES6 compatible javascript growl like notification libraryIndrajith K L5 years
windows-dot-filesRepo for my Windows machine Dot filesIndrajith K L6 months